Setting Up Store Options

To tune the store capabilities and parameters, go to the "Configuration" sub-tab for the WebStore channel and follow the various tabs under that panel to complete the configuration and customization of the WebStore.

  • Store
  • Enter the Store Name
  • Store Owner
  • Address and Phone
  • Select the Geographic Zone
  • Select the Country
  • Select a favicon (.ico) 16x16px file - this is the little icon displayed in the Web Browser next to the URL and in the title bar

  • Email
  • Email Address - Store email address for receiving email from the Contact Us form and customer
  • Email From Address - Email Address to use for the "From" field when emails go out to customers on account creation or orders
  • Email Address for Copy of Customer Order Emails - Email address that should receive a copy of customer order email
  • Customer Account Creation Email Content - This is the HTML email that is sent to the customer when a new account is created. This can be customized as necessary using the HTML Editor.

  • Home
  • Select the display elements of the Home page of the WebStore (Note: Some design templates do not support this capability), choose between the following options:
  • New Products - The last products pushed to the WebStore channel are displayed on the Home page
  • Headline Text - Enter the Title for the Page
  • Featured Items - Selected Products defined here are displayed on the Home page
  • Headline Text - Enter the Title for the Page
  • Featured Products
  • "Add Product" button - add additional line items
  • Search button - select the products to the featured
  • "Sort Order" - number to designate the order in which the products are displayed in the WebStore
  • If you add a product to the Featured Items that has not been pushed to the store previously, it will be automatically deployed to the store with the default settings for price and quantity.
  • If a product that is in the Featured Items is removed from the store, it is automatically removed from Featured Items as well
  • Custom HTML or Banner - Define HTML content for display on the Home page
  • Enter the HTML copy in the HTML Editor
  • SEO Title, Description, Keywords - SEO Meta-Tags for the Home page
  • Note: The "Featured Items" and "Custom HTML or Banner" selections are disabled for select design templates (210200161, 220200634, 331200404, 347200378, 347200380, 345100391) because these options are not applicable for those designs.

  • Display Elements
  • You can use the options here to define the display of the elements in the WebStore pages.
  • Browse By Box - Box for customer search by Browse By Custom Fields defined in the product, see the "Browse By" tab below for selection of the fields
  • Manufacturer Box - If product manufacturers are defined for the business products and to enable customer search by manufacturer in the WebStore
  • Search Box - Keyword based Search Box
  • Categories Box - Product Categories based product search
  • Order History Box - List of latest orders for the customer once they log in
  • Best Seller Box - Displays the top selling products
  • Specials Box - Displays the latest Specials (Sale Items)
  • Shopping Cart Box - Displays a box with items in the Shopping Cart. Many designs already have a Shopping Cart display on the top
  • Promotion Box - Banner promotions
  • Information Box - Links to WebStore Information Pages (Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Shipping etc.)
  • Tell-A-Friend Box - Tell a Friend a product (field for email address)
  • Whats New Box - Displays select new products deployed to the store
  • Reviews Box - Displays customer review snippets
  • Product Notification Box - Allows for product notifications to be sent to customer for the product
  • Manufacturer Info Box - Displays manufacturer information for the product
  • Display Products as Grid - "No" displays products as a list, "Yes" displays products as a Grid (rows and columns)
  • Products Per Row - Enter the number of products displayed per row when displayed as a Grid
  • Matrix Item Display Format - "Split" displays Attributes as separate drop-downs (e.g. Size Color, Small Black), "Single" displays Attributes as a single drop-down with Sku combinations (e.g. Size-Color, Small-Black)
  • Display Product SKU Price - If Matrix Item SKUs/product have different pricing, set this to "Yes"
  • Maximum Products Per Page - Enter number of products to display per page for product grid/list display
  • Maximum New Products Per Page - Enter number of products to display per page on "New Products" pages
  • Maximum Specials Product Per Page - Enter number of products to display per page on "Specials" pages
  • Enable Customer Review - Enable/Disable ability for customers to post product reviews
  • Note: Some of these options are not available in some design templates as summarized below.
  • Two column design templates will have the "Display on Right Column" and "Display on both Left and Right Columns" selections disabled for the various Box display elements.
  • One column templates will have all the selections disabled for the various Box display elements.
  • "Display Products as Grid" is disabled in all designs except (220200256, 220200258, 221200257) design templates.
  • "Products Per Row" field is only available for select design templates (220200256, 220200258, 221200257, 220200634, 221300246, 225200114, 228300187, 229200255, 229300275, 230200630, 230300259, 331100395).
  • Images
  • Here you are apply the settings as they apply to product images on the WebStore
  • Disable Click-to-enlarge - Allow/Disallow "Click to enlarge" for the main product image
  • Additional Images Disable Click-to-enlarge - Allow/Disallow "Click to enlarge" for the additional product images
  • Small Image Width - Product Image Thumbnail size (automatically generated from larger image)
  • Small Image Height - Product Image Thumbnail size (automatically generated from larger image)
  • Aspect ratio is maintained, so actual size may be lesser on one of the dimensions when thumbnails are generated
  • Product Page Image Width - Size of Product Image on the Product detail page
  • Product Page Image Height - Size of Product Image on the Product detail page
  • Sub Category Image Width - Size of Category Images on Category pages (for sub-categories)
  • Sub Category Image Height - Size of Category Images on Category pages (for sub-categories)
  • Heading Image Width - Size of Image in Headings (only applicable in select designs)
  • Heading Image Height - Size of Image in Headings (only applicable in select designs)
  • Enable Product Image Zoom - Zoom into Product Images, this is useful for certain product types (like apparel) where zooming into the product provides additional detail. This requires the original product images to be of high resolution.
  • Image Compression Level (%) - JPEG compression level, default is 70%. Higher number results in larger files and longer download times

  • Labels
    • Labels and Titles used across the WebStore are customizable through this tab.
    • Please find the corresponding label to the one on the page that you would like to customize and enter the new label in the field provided.
  • Categories
  • These parameters customize the display of product categories in the WebStore
  • Category Levels to Display
  • -1 - displays all categories at all levels in the hierarchy expanded
  • 0 - displays only the top level categories, the sub-categories are collapsed
  • 1 - displays the top level categories and one level below that expanded, the rest of the levels are collapsed
  • And so on
  • Display empty Categories - show/hide categories with no products in them
  • Display Top-Level Categories in Bold - Make top-level categories display in Bold font
  • Show Category Count - Display number of products in each category in parenthesis (e.g. CategoryName (20))

  • Browse By
  • Select Browse By Fields
  • Select Fields by checking the checkbox - the list of fields are the Product Custom Fields (from "Settings > Custom Fields > Product Custom Fields" )
  • Sort Order - the order in which the fields are displayed in the "Browse By" box on the WebStore

  • Cart
  • Allow Purchase Without Creating Account - Customer can checkout without creating account (still has to fill in all of the fields except password fields)
  • Display Category Images - Display Category Images when displaying product lists
  • Display Cart after Adding Product - After product is added to cart, switch to Cart page
  • Display Manufacturer - Display Manufacturer when displaying product lists
  • Exclude Product Specials from Discount Coupons - Include/Exclude Sale Products from application of discount coupons during checkout.

  • Inventory
  • Show Out of Stock Matrix Attributes - Display "Out of Stock" for SKUs out of inventory in the SKU Selection drop-down
  • Mark Out of Stock Matrix Attributes - Display to the Right/Left/None of the SKU in the SKU Selection drop-down
  • Display Out of Stock Message - Display a message when adding a product to the cart if out of stock
  • Check Stock - Enable or Disable Inventory Checks
  • Allow Checkout without Stock - If the inventory is not available, allow a customer to check out
  • Mark Out of Stock Product with - Product out of stock are marked with this text as a superscript in the car
  • Out of Stock can checkout message - Used if "Allow Checkout without Stock" is Yes
  • Out of Stock cannot checkout message - Used if "Allow Checkout without Stock" is No

  • Google Analytics
  • Agiliron WebStore integrates with Google Analytics for WebStore visitor and page visit tracking as well as for E-Commerce Tracking (traffic to checkout conversion).
  • Usage of this capability requires a Google Analytics account ( )
  • For details on creating a Google Analytics Account, its configuration and usage see the Google Analytics User Guide at "URL"
  • Enable Google Analytics - Set to "Yes"
  • Enable E-Commerce Tracking - Set to "Yes" to track E-Commerce conversions
  • Google Analytics ID - Provide ID from your Google Analytics Account (e.g. UA-XXXXXX)

  • Google Base Data Feed
  • Agiliron integrates with Google Base for Product data feeds to enable Google Product search.
  • Usage of this capability requires a Google Base account to be created, ( ), for support ( ), some tips for setup are below:
  • Specify company name - shouldn't have Inc. etc.. read the policy on company names
  • Specify website URL - should match the Webstore URL, the upload fails without it
  • Make sure to specify this at the top of Settings as well as in the "Customer Service" information bucket
  • Click on Data Feeds and create a new feed. The name of the file should be "google-product-search.txt"
  • Click on Settings > FTP and create a username and password
  • This takes 15-20 minutes to go into effect on Google's end
  • Go to the merchant account and click on data feeds to see the last upload time and status. The status should change to processing first, and then it should say 0 of N (0 of the N product uploads succeeded). If everything goes well, it should show something like N of N. It may take several minutes for it to show up. Then they should also show up in My Products etc.
  • The feeds are uploaded every day around 12:30 AM PST
  • It will take Google 24-48 hours for the items to be inserted. In the meantime, please ignore the error warnings from Google feedback summary emails
  • Enable Data Feed - Set to "Yes"
  • FTP Username: Enter the username entered in Google Base setup (Settings > FTP)
  • FTP Password: Enter the password entered in Google Base setup (Settings > FTP)