Configuring Auto Sales Tax Rates Providers

The system comes pre-defined with a set of Auto Sales Tax Rates Providers, see "Settings > Auto Sales Tax Rates Providers" in the "Configuration" Panel.

These are Auto Sales Tax Rate providers that can automatically calculate the Sales Taxes that apply for each customer order based on the customer's location, your business presence locations, and the products being purchased.

This can be used in all of the Agiliron supported Sales Channels (Direct, POS, WebStores) once you have signed up for this service with the provider and made the connection to your Account in Agiliron.

To setup one of the listed Auto Sales Tax Rate Providers, select "Settings > Auto Sales Tax Rates Providers" as shown below.


Please click on the following links for details on each of the supported Auto Sales Tax Rate Providers:

Once the Auto Sales Tax Rate Providers are set up, you are now ready to process customer orders with the Sales Tax being dynamically generated for you.

Please see Creating Sales Orders for details on the processing of customer orders.