The Layaway feature allows customers to purchase products and pay for them at a later date. Please note: The Allow Layaway Orders option must be set to yes in the POS Settings Configuration in order to use this feature.

  • In addition, a customer account must also be selected in order to apply the layaway balance to the customer's account.
  1. Select or add the customer information and add the products to the order.

  1. Select a payment method and enter the payment amount.
  • In order to process the layaway, the amount received cannot be zero.
  • The Balance Due is the amount that will display on the customer account.

  1. Click the Layaway button to process the order and print or email a receipt if desired.
  • The account balance in the back-office will reflect the layaway balance (in addition to any outstanding balance on the account).

To review the layaway order or to collect payment against the balance, select the Show Layaway Orders icon . The following pop-up window is displayed.


  1. Select the Reload Order icon to review the order. Alternatively, you can select the red X to delete the order (this option not available once the cash drawer has been closed out for the day).
  • From here you can edit the order if needed.
  • The last payment amount received displays next to Amount Received and under the Payment section.

  1. To add a payment to the order:
  • Enter the payment method and enter the amount received.
  • Click the Layaway button to save.

  1. To receive payment in full, select the payment method and then select the Checkout button to process the order.

  2. The Layaway will also display in the Sales Order Detail Report.

  • The payment amount received will display along with the grand total for the order.

Layaway Sales Receipts

Sales Receipts for Layaway orders can be generated at the POS.

  • The default template for the receipt can be changed to a customizable template (Enterprise and higher editions only). The customizable template can be found in Settings > Templates.
  • To enable the new template, select the customizable receipt option from the drop-down list in the POS Channel configuration settings.