Zapier Integration

Zapier is a tool that helps you to connect two or more applications and automate repetitive tasks. An event that takes place in one app will automatically be captured by another.

To give an example, the new subscribers added to your Mailchimp will automatically be copied to Google sheets using Zapier and that too without any coding.

Let's get started and understand how Zapier can be used for Agilirion

  • First you need to signup to Zapier.

Once you signup, you'll land upon the page displayed below. Here in the Dashboard, you need to connect Agiliron with the app or tool you want.

  • In Connect this app - Type Agiliron.
  • In with this one - Type the tool or app name.
  • In When this happens - Select the trigger like for example new task, new contact, a new event, or a new lead.
  • In then do this - Select the action like when a new lead is created then create Spreadsheet in rows.

  • Click on Try it to proceed.

  • In the next step, you need to click on Get Started.

Next, you will be asked to connect to your Agiliron account.

  • Click on Connect.

  • A screen will appear where you need to enter your Agiliron's instance URL and fetch Security token from your instance's Settings ->Security Token.
  • Click on Yes, continue.

  • Once the connection is built, proceed by clicking on Next.

  • In the next step, you will be asked to connect to your Google Sheets account. Click on Connect.

  • Select the Google account to be connected and click on Allow.

  • Once the connection is built, proceed by clicking on Next.

  • Select the Google Drive where the spreadsheet resides and click on Next.

List of all spreadsheets present in your drive will be displayed.

  • Search or directly select from the list and click on Next.

  • In the next step, you need to customize the zap by selecting the fields that you want to edit in the Google sheets.
  • Click on Next, after selecting.

  • Now map fields from Agiliron into Google Sheets, enter the values and click on Next.

In the next step you can test the zap as Zapier will create an item in Google Sheets to verify everything works fine.

  • Click on Send Test.

You will see a message as shown below:

  • Check your Google sheet account. You will see the new data added in the last row.

  • You can review, make any changes if needed and turn on your zap by clicking on Turn on Zap button.


When the Zap is on, for each new lead created on the client's instance, a new row will be added automatically in the connected google sheet.

Note - Zap basically means connections. So whatever connections you build on Zapier will be visible under Zaps.