Processing POS Refunds

Customers can receive a refund for the sales return in various ways depending on the business needs.

Refunds can be issued as:

  • Cash Payments
  • Issuing a cash refund requires selecting "cash" as the payment method for the return and paying the customer from the cash drawer.
  • Check Payments
  • Issuing a check refund requires selecting "check" as the payment method for the return and presenting a check for payment.
  • Credit Card Refund
  • Customers who paid for their order using a credit card can have the sales refund amount applied to that card (*assuming Intuit/Vantiv is connected to the POS. This does not apply to offline credit card processing*).
  • Issue Credit to the customer's account
  • The business has the option of issuing a credit to the customer's account for use at a later date.
  • The "'Issue Credit" option must be turned on in the POS channel settings before using this feature.
  • A customer must be selected on the order to use this feature.

To issue a credit on the customer's account:

  • Follow the instructions for creating/viewing a return to load the order (instructions located here).
  • Select a customer for the order (if not already selected).
  • Select the "icon" to remove the default payment method from the order (if applicable).
  • Select the "icon" to select Issue Credit.
  • Enter the credit amount for the order.
  • Click the "Checkout" button to finish.

A credit balance will now appear on the customer's account. This can be viewed in the back office in the Accounts menu or on the POS (instructions here).