Configuring Custom Payment Methods in POS

Stores that offer reward points, tokens, coupons, or any custom payment methods can incorporate it into their payment system with Custom Payment Methods. This feature allows you to create custom payments and map them into any type of store currency or payment type you offer.

Here's the user guide to understand the process:

  • Login to your admin account
  • Go to Settings -> Channels

  • Click on the Edit button (three horizontal lines icon) of the Retail POS sales channel you want.

  • Edit view of sales channel will open. Scroll down to Channel configuration -> Payment
  • You can see a list of Payment Methods. Click on the Custom Payment Methods checkbox.
  • After ticking the checkbox, you can see the Custom Payment Methods option appears.

  • Click on the Custom Payment Methods
  • By default 5 payment methods have been added (Custom Payment Method 1, Custom Payment Method 2, Custom Payment Method 3...), and there are individual settings for each.

Let's add Custom Payment Method 1 as an example:

  • Enter all the necessary details.
  • To enable the custom payment method, click on the Active checkbox.
  • Enter a Payment Method Name. For eg: Casino Rewards.
  • If you want to process the payment method as a credit card then click on the Process Card checkbox.
  • Add a suitable image, representing the payment method. Upload it in the format as mentioned.

  • Below Channel configuration there is Payment Method Mapping where you can map the custom payment methods to any payment method you want.
  • Like if you do not mark the custom payment method as Process Card and map the payment method Reward Points, then in your POS account, the custom payment method will be mapped in reward points format.
  • After all settings, click on Save.

  • Once you enable the Custom Payment Method, that payment method will be added to your POS account.

When you add any products, select the custom payment method and click on Checkout


and then on Print Receipt


you can see the Custom payment method name (Casino Rewards) displayed on the receipt.


Also in your admin account,

  • Go to Orders -> Sales orders -> Order no.

For the above order, Order No. was 1006.


  • After clicking on the Order No., when the detail view of Sales Order opens, scroll down to Payment Information.
  • You can see the payment method that you had mapped for the Custom payment method 1 (Casino Rewards) - Reward Points.