Category Tab

  1. From the Categories tab, click the Quick Access (QA) button for which you would like to assign a product.

  1. The following popup window is displayed.

  1. The following window is displayed.

  1. Select the category name from the Category Name dropdown list. The following list is displayed.

  1. Select the required category name from the Category Name dropdown list.

  1. Click Set. This assigns the product to the QA button.

Once a category has been assigned to a button, the button can then be selected to add product to the purchase ticket.

  • There are 110 buttons available to be assigned to various categories spread across the numbered tabs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
  • The buttons can be reassigned to other categories by "Ctrl+Click" on the button followed by selecting a new category as described above.
  • The buttons assignment or association with a category can be deleted by "Shift+Click" on the button.
  • These QA button settings are saved for the POS channel and will be available next time a sales associate logs in at that location.
  • Note: QA settings requires the browser to be closed for MS Internet Explorer to save the settings.
  • As the user moves the mouse over the button, a popup will display the "Category Hierarchy" (e.g. "Hardware::Accessories::Hard Drives").