EMV Payment Terminal Setup

Agiliron in collaboration with Vantiv as the payment processor supports Dejavoo EMV Devices (shown below) for desktop & mobile:


These devices include the following features:

  • Support for Swipe
  • PIN Pad
  • EMV Card Dip
  • NFC Contactless Payments

With this method of processing that is EMV compatible, payment processing happens directly from the terminal to the payment processor (Vantiv) and checkout communication happens between Agiliron and the EMV terminal.

Minimal Requirements:

  • Vantiv must be setup as a payment processor.
  • Dejavoo devices must be ordered directly from Vantiv.

Dejavoo Devices Setup Resources:

POS Channel Setup

To enable EMV Processing in the POS Channel, navigate to Settings > Channels in the back office.

Click the "Edit" button next to the channel.
Verify that Vantiv (MercuryPay) is selected as a payment processor on the "Payment" tab.
Click on the "Configuration" tab.
Scroll down to "Allow Credit Card Terminals" and set to "Yes".
Click "Save" to finish.


Device Pairing and Setup

Log in to the POS Channel to pair the device.

  • Select the gear icon on the top right side of the screen.
  • Select "Pair Credit Card Terminal".
  • NOTE: the credit card processing terminal must be connected to the same wifi or lan network as the POS computer for the pairing to work.
  • A pop-up box will appear, verify your contact information (please make sure to enter the contact information you have provided to Vantiv during your account setup with them) and click the "Submit" button.

  • Enter the POS Terminal Serial Number and click "OK".


  • The POS will try to connect to device and post a $0.01 transaction
  • Dialog on screen will ask to confirm that the user sees this transaction on the Dejavoo terminal
  • If yes, click "Yes"
  • Next dialog will ask to cancel the transaction on Dejavoo terminal
  • That's it, the setup is complete

Run a Sale Transaction

  • Enter Product(s) and select a Payment method (e.g. Visa icon)
  • Then click the "Checkout" button on the bottom right.
  • The following screen will appear waiting for card swipe/dip on the credit card terminal.
  • If the transaction needs to be canceled, it will need to be canceled on the credit card terminal.
  • Swipe/Insert the credit card into the credit card terminal.
  • The card will be processed from the terminal directly to your payment processor (Vantiv) and an authorization returned.
  • Once that is complete, the credit card information will appear as shown below.
  • The POS will then Print the Receipt.

Unparing and Replacing the Terminal

To unpair the credit card termnial, select the Gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Select "Unpair Credit Card Terminal".
  • A pop-up will appear stating that the terminal has been unpaired successfully.

To replace the terminal with a new one, select the "Replace Credit Card Terminal" option and follow the wizard to complete set up.