This function allows the owner to create a New Role to map to the selected profile or choose an existing role to assign to a user.

  • Navigate to Settings > Roles and click on "Roles" to begin.

  • Click "Edit" to edit an existing role.
  • Clicking "New Role" will create a new user role.

  • Assign a profile for the role and click "Save".

Note: There are 3 Special Roles that the system comes with that have restrictive privileges and are meant for specific functions with limited access - these roles cannot be edited or changed.


  • Field Sales Representative
  • This is a role that should be assigned to Sales Reps who should have access to only the Customer Accounts that are assigned to them.
  • A user with this role can
  • Access Leads, Potentials, Customer Accounts/Contacts, Quotes, Sales Orders assigned to the user
  • Create/Edit Leads, Potentials, Customer Accounts/Contacts, Quotes & Sales Orders
  • View Product and Inventory Information
  • Retail Sales Associate (POS)
  • This is a role that should be assigned to a Sales Clerk who will use the Retail/Mobile POS to complete customer checkout transactions
  • A user with this role can
  • Log in to the Retail POS/Mobile POS channel
  • Perform Sales Clerk functions on the POS
  • Not log in to the Agiliron CRM or Back-Office - when they log in, the system will automatically take them to the POS screen.