New Pole Display Support Added

New Pole Display Support is added in POS which allows pairing and displaying all products and pricing information on the connected device. The POS uses a USB connection to drive the current pole displays.

Note - The Pole device currently supported is PDX3000-UP-BK model via USB.

To enable pole display:

  • Go to Settings -> Channels.

  • Edit POS Channel.

  • Switch to the Configuration tab and set the Enable Pole Display to Yes and then Save it.

Once enabled, log in to your POS channel. The POS Tools menu will include a Connect Pole Display menu item. Click on it.

  • Select your device from the popup and click Connect.

Once connected, your Pole Display will show the text POS Pole Display.

You can now start doing transactions with the display showing product code and price on the first line and total on the second line.

Note: The character limit per line is 20 Characters so the data may be trimmed to be under that limit.