- Partial Receiving

This section covers how to partially receive items on a purchase order.

Select the Purchase Order from the list.

  • The user can search for an order by "Vendor Name" or "Order Number".
  • The navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen allow for searching through multiple pages of purchase orders.
  • The app also supports the screen "swipe" function. The screen will move left and right depending on the direction the user swipes.

  • Select an item by either scanning the barcode or selecting the product from the list.

  • Select the quantity received from the drop-down list.

  • Select "Done" to set the quantity.

  • Add/Edit barcode, note, image or signature, if needed.
  • Select "Receive" when the appropriate quantity has been selected.

The status displayed in yellow indicates the product is not fully received.

  • Continue selecting additional items on the order for receiving.

  • When all quantities have been selected, select "Done" to return to the listing.

The status column now displayed, indicates that some items on the order were not fully received.

Return to the home screen after receiving the desired purchase orders and select "Sync Order & Product Updates to Back-Office".

Please note - The purchase order status will not update to "Received" in Agiliron until all items on the order have been received.