Adding Contacts on the Fly

Contacts can be added "on the fly" to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Returns, and Quotes.

The example below demonstrates how to add a contact at the time of Sales Order creation, this process applies to all modules mentioned above.

Select "New Sales Order" from the "New" drop down menu and enter an Account Name on the Sales Order.

  • Click the "plus" icon next to the Contact Name field.

The contact created here will be associated with the Account Name that has been selected for the order.

  • Enter the contact's First and Last Name in the pop-up window. Also, you can add or edit any additional details and click "Save" to finish.
  • The name now appears in the Contact Name field on the order.
  • After the order has been saved, the new contact will appear in the Contacts module and will be associated with the Account Name selected on the Sales Order as shown in the image below.