Z-Out Drawer Count

The Z-Out Drawer Count report is often run at the end of a cashier’s shift and/or at the end of the day when you want to reconcile the cash drawer.In a multiple workstation facility, this report is typically done at each workstation prior to running the Z-Out Store Close report for the entire store in the End of Day procedure.

  1. Click Z-Out Drawer Count. The following pop-up window is displayed.

  1. Select the date of the drawer count and click "Get Report".
  2. The following pop-up window is displayed.

4.Enter the Beginning drawer count in the Begin field.

  • The Paid Out column displays any cash payouts made for the date selected.
  • Click the calculator icon next to the Count field to enter the currency quantities as shown in the image below.

  • Enter the amount of cash to leave in the drawer in the Leave field. The amount entered here will display as the next days "Begin" amount.
  • The Deposit field automatically calculates the deposit to be made.
  • Notes about shortages/overages can be entered as well as any other relevant information in the Comments field.
  • Click OK to finish.
    5.The following pop-up window is displayed.