Serialized Products

This is a product type that supports managing inventory items by unique serial numbers across the complete business cycle.

  • This is typically applied in cases of high value products (e.g. electronics, jewelry) where tracking of each item sold by their serial number is important. It is also possible thru this product type to record specific custom information for each inventory item thru the use of custom fields.
  • Inventory is tracked by serial number of each item of inventory of the product in stock and can be tracked by stock locations if the business maintains inventory in multiple locations.

The following elements are presented to the user for "Serialized" products in related list tabs next to the product definition fields tab that were discussed above.


The total inventory of the product is managed by Stock location(s) (one or more).

  • Select the "edit" button for the location to modify the quantity available at that location.
  • In the case of the "Serialized" product, a new tab called "Stock Items" is displayed. This group will not be available for non-serialized products. To add a new stock item, click the "New Stock Item" button, this will bring up the form for the item that allows entry of the stock location for the item and the serial number of the stock item. Use this method to manually enter serial numbers and inventory items for products into the system.