Partially Fulfillable view in Shipping + Split Order

Partially Fulfillable custom view has been added in the Shipping Module. In this custom view, users can see orders that are partially fulfillable or not fulfillable.

Also when the user splits the order from the shipping list page, a new order gets created with the fulfillable products.

Let's walk through the process:

When you navigate to Shipping & Receiving -> Shipping, you can see the newly added Partially Fulfillable option in the View drop-down menu.

Clicking on it will bring the list of orders that are partially fulfillable. Let's focus on Order Id - 1041.

When the order is selected from this custom view, click on the 3-dot menu and select Split Order from the drop-down list.

Split Order for that particular order gets created. Click on OK.

Now a new order gets created and is displayed in the Fulfillable custom view.