Sales Order - Import CSV for Product Line Items

A new Import CSV button has been added for the Sales Order module. This enhancement allows the user to import a CSV file with only Product Line Item information. The process actually helps to upload many line items in a jiffy.

When you create a new or edit any Sales Order, on the edit screen, you'll see the Import CSV button below the product details section.


  • Click on the Import CSV button.
  • Click on Select file and choose a CSV file from your local directory that contains product line item information.

  • As soon as you click on the Import button, the product info from the CSV file gets added in the Product Details section.

Note - To understand and download the file format necessary for this import, click the “Template” link next to the “Import CSV” button.


  • There is also a SpeedScan button which actually is a mechanism that allows scanning a bunch of product barcodes and then processing them. As soon as you scan the barcode and click on the Process button, the line item gets added.

For example, let's scan a product barcode.