Buy X for $Y Pricing

This feature enables selling a set number of items for one price.

  • For example, a customer purchases 10 bags of potato chips for $10. With this feature, the POS recognizes the product and automatically applies the correct price when 10 bags are purchased.

First, to enable this POS feature, please see Step 8 under Setting Up Configuration Options.

Then, complete the steps below:

  • Create a Pricebook that will house the pricing under Products > PriceBooks (ie: BuyXforY)
  • Add inventory items in which this feature applies to the PriceBook (for instructions on adding products to PriceBooks, see Creating a New PriceBook)
  • The List Price in the Pricebook should be the price for "X" quantity to calculate correctly (ie: $10 would be the List Price for 10 bags of chips from the previous example)
  • In Settings >Channels, select the Point of Sale Channel and select edit
  • Under the "Configuration" tab, Set "X" quantity (ie: 10 would be the quantity from the previous example)
  • Save Changes