Selecting a Design

Agiliron offers a broad set of design templates that offer choices of layouts and capabilities for diverse industries.

As you browse the available designs, please pay close attention to the following elements to assess which of them makes the most sense for the style that you are looking for:

  • Layout
  • Home page, internal pages
  • Number of columns
  • Branding
  • Logo placement
  • Banner image placement and size
  • Header and Footer
  • Look and feel
  • Links
  • We recommend picking a design that is closest to your final vision or goals to minimize the customization effort necessary to get there

Please also note that all of these designs can be customized (images, buttons, colors, fonts, layout, elements) further on various levels either by

  • you (the business)
  • Replace images, titles, page content, labels etc. easily
  • Choose display elements and sizes
  • See Section Design-Editing for all the available customization options
  • your graphic designers
  • Replace images, modify style sheets
  • See Section Design-Editing for details
  • your developers
  • Modify php code for header, footer, body and boxes including links and layout
  • See Section Design-Editing for details
  • Us or Our Partners
  • Contact us at [email protected] for customization assistance
    If you have requirements that are not met by the available designs or are confused about the best fit for your business, please contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to work with you to evaluate your needs and provide guidance in helping you meet your design goals. If you have an existing store that you want to host on your servers and connect to Agiliron, please see Section Adding a New Remote WebStore for details on that.