- Intuit Merchant Services

Agiliron - Intuit Payments Connection Guide

  1. Go to https://intuitpayments.agiliron.net in your web browser
  2. This will bring up the page shown below
  1. Click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button
  2. This will bring up the Intuit Sign in dialog as shown below
  1. Enter your Intuit Payments account credentials and click “Sign In” button
  2. Once your credentials are validated, you will be returned to the page in Step 2 as shown below
  1. Copy the Refresh Token string AB11………8IRO in the example screenshot above (your token string will be unique to your account and different from above).
  2. Paste it into Agiliron where applicable as noted below for Direct Sales & POS Channels

A. For Direct Sales (CRM Sales Order) Credit Card Processing

  • Go to “Settings > Payment Processors”
  • Click “IntuitRestAPI” as shown below
  • Enter the copied string into the “Refresh Token” field

  • Set the “Active” checkbox

  • Set the “Connection Mode” to “Live”

  • Select all the “Payment Methods” (use “Ctrl+Click” to select multiple of them)

  • NOTE: if one of the Payment Methods has been selected in one of the other Payment Methods in “Settings > Payment Processors”, they will not be selectable here.

  • Click “Save” button


B. For POS Channel Credit Card Processing

  • Go to “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel”
  • Go to “Payment > Intuit Merchant Services” tab
  • Enter the copied string into the “Refresh Token” field
  • You can leave the old “Connection Ticket” as is without any changes
  • Click “Save” on top of the page