Products Bulk Image Upload

To import product images in bulk:

  • On the dashboard, go to Products -> Products

  • The Products List View will open. Scroll down to Product Tools and there click on Import Product Images.

  • A pop-up screen will come up where you can either drop files, paste, browse or import images from your device.

Note - Currently, this feature does not support GDrive, DropBox, or link uploads. Due to some reason, it has been disabled.


  • As an example - we are clicking on My device and selecting multiple images at a time.
  • After selecting, click on Open.

  • You can either upload all the files selected by clicking on the Upload files button or if you wish to add more images, you can click on the +Add more button.
  • You can also cancel all the selected images or any particular image as shown in the screenshot below.

  • You can also edit the file name and description by clicking on the pen icon as shown below.
  • Change the product name or add the caption and click on Save Changes.

  • After you click on Upload files, the images will start uploading.
  • Once uploaded, you'll see 'complete' written.
  • Close (x) the window.