Using the Controls on the Server File Browser

Use the following controls to use the Server File Browser.

  • Upload - Upload a new file to the selected directory
  • Refresh - Refreshes all the files in that directory
  • Settings - Configure the display of the files and images
  • Maximize - Expand the section to full screen on your device
  • Help - Opens the file manager user guide
  • To upload multiple images, click upload. Open the folder in which the image files are located. Ctrl + left mouse click to select your images and click open.
  • The Total Files status bar will update with the upload progress.
  • You can click Cancel to stop the files from uploading.
  • You can also click Add Files to add additional files to the upload.
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Right-Click on any file/image to access other actions on that file

  • View - Opens in a separate Browser Window
  • Download - Downloads the file to your local computer
  • Resize OR Edit - Depending on type of file either a "Resize" (for image files) or "Edit" (for other files) action is available
  • Rename - Renames the file
  • Delete - Deletes the file