Magento 1 - Setting up your Magento Store to Facilitate Integration with Agiliron

At your Magento Go Store Hosted by Magento Go OR Open Source Magento Store Hosted at your Hosting provider

  • Login to the Magento WebStore admin panel
  • Go to "System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users"
  • Add a New User
  • Choose a "User Name" and "API Key"
  • Make a note of these two entries, we will be entering them later in Agiliron
942 929 686
  • Go to "System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles"
  • Add a New Role with All Role resources.
942 943 687 943
  • Go to "System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users"
  • Edit the User that was created above and assign the New Role that was created to it.
942 938 936
  • Install the Agiliron Plugin Extension by following the step below:

  • The Agiliron Magento Plugin Extension (a zip file) can be downloaded from here.

  • Unzip the downloaded file, extract and copy the "Agiliron_Plugin.xml" file to the "app/etc/modules" directory.

  • Go to "app/code" directory and look for "local" directory, if it does not exist create the "local" directory.

  • Copy the "Agiliron" directory (extracted from the zip file) to "app/code/local/" directory.

  • Go back to the Magento WebStore admin panel and do the following:

  • Select "System > Cache Management" menu

  • Then Click the "Flush Magento Cache" button

781 1196
  • Select "System > Configuration" menu
  • Go to "Advanced" section
  • Go to "Advanced" sub-section
  • Click on "Disable Modules Output"
  • Check that “Agiliron_Plugin” module is in the list of installed modules and "Enabled"
781 1187 933 938
  • Open "http://your-storeurl/api/?wsdl" web address in your web browser

  • When you visit this URL, it should display XML output on the screen.

  • If it gives an error message, make sure you have enabled API access and verify the Magento installation and access permissions.

  • Below are the Recommended Minimum Settings for Magento for optimal flow of information between Agiliron and the Magento Remote Store

  • These settings are to checked and made in php.ini file on the system on which the Magento Store is being hosted

  • default_socket_timeout = 3600

  • max_execution_time = 1200

  • memory_limit = 256M