QuickBooks Online - FAQs

Q 1: When you login using your Intuit Account to connect Agiliron to QuickBooks, there is no Company File there for selection.

A: This usually indicates that the Intuit Account that was used to setup the integration is different than the Intuit Account you are using to login to QuickBooks Online.

If you do not remember your Intuit Account credentials, you can try using the "Forgot your User ID" and/or "Forgot your Password" links in the Intuit App Center (go to Intuit Account Sign In).

Q 2: I have modifications to the QuickBooks Company File and that is not reflected in Agiliron.

A: If the Lists in QuickBooks are changed (e.g. Chart of Accounts, QuickBooks Item Lists etc.), the list sync will then need to be run in Agiliron ("Settings > QuickBooks > Setup > Sync to QuickBooks") to bring it in alignment with the List changes made on the QuickBooks side.

Q 3: I sync transactions (Sales Orders or Purchase Orders or Sales Returns) to QuickBooks from Agiliron but nothing show up in QuickBooks.

A: There are few common steps to figure out what might be reason for this:

  • Check that you have the QuickBooks Company File that is connected to Agiliron is the right one with QuickBooks Online credentials.
  • Check that the "DATE Filter" on the "Transactions" page in QuickBooks is set the right date range ("All" will display all the transactions).
  • Make sure you have turned on Sales Taxes in QuickBooks Online - you can find this in "Taxes > Sales Tax" tab on the left panel.