Print Barcode for a Specific Set of Products

Print Barcode Using CSV File or Spreadsheet

It's a bit troublesome to select a specific set of products from among thousands of products to print barcode. But not anymore with the new additional feature. Users can now either upload a CSV file or specify the product codes and quantities in a spreadsheet and print barcode for only those specific set of products.

For example, if a user wants to print barcode only for the products that were sold recently and are planning to restock then a list can be created comprising of the product codes and quantities in form of a CSV file or directly enter it in a spreadsheet and follow the process to get product barcodes printed. There is no need to select the products prior.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

  • Go to Products -> Products on the left menu panel
  • Without selecting any products, click on the three dots and select Print Barcode.

  • Select Label Type window will appear with two options to upload products for which you want to print the Print Barcode - Upload CSV or Spreadsheet Table.

Upload CSV:

  1. Select Upload CSV radio button.
  2. Click on Next.

You can download the template to get an idea of the CSV file pattern that will be accepted.

In case, if it is a Basic Products list - Product Code and Quantity are the required fields. If it is a Matrix Item Products list - Product Code, Quantity and Matrix SKU Code are the required fields.


  1. Next comes CSV File Upload where you can either drop a CSV file or browse the file which you want from your system and upload it.
  2. Once done, click on Next.

  1. First click on Upload file then click on Next.

Make sure you upload only CSV file or else the upload will fail.


  1. Product Spreadsheet displaying the Product Code, Quantity and Matrix SKU code (only for matrix item products) will appear.
  2. You can make changes on the sheet if required or directly click on Next.

Make sure the right values are entered or else an error will occur.


  1. The Print barcode process will start where first you need to Select Label Type (Standard or Custom). Click on Next
  2. In the next step - Select Number of Copies and Pricebook, an additional radio button will be displayed to Use quantity in CSV or Spreadsheet. You can stick to that option or choose any of the other options to mention the number of copies to be printed.
  3. Select Location and PriceBook.
  4. Click on Next.

In case of standard workflow, an additional step for selecting fields to be printed and Pricebook will be included. Make selection and click on Next.


If you are following standard workflow, the next step will be to select print format. Select and click on Print.

For custom workflow, select print format step is skipped.

  1. Get the preview of the Barcode label/labels.

Standard Workflow


Custom Workflow


Spreadsheet Table:

  1. Select Spreadsheet Table radio button.
  2. Click on Next.

  1. Product spreadsheet table will open where you need to enter the Product Code, Quantity and Matrix SKU Code (for Matrix item product) of the product/products for which barcode label has to be printed.
  2. Click on Next.

Note - In case of Matrix Item Product, if you do not enter the Matrix SKU Code then barcode labels will be printed for all child SKUs (sub-items) related to that particular Matrix Item Product. Enter child SKUs for which you want to print the barcode.


  1. The print barcode workflow will start.

Follow the above steps from 8 to 12 mentioned for CSV file upload.

Barcode Label Preview - Standard Workflow


Barcode Label Preview - Custom Workflow


NOTE - If you are printing more than 100 copies then the download PDF process will be carried in parts.

For example, let's enter the number - 300, proceed with the process and click on Next.


In the Barcode Labels Preview, when you click on Export to PDF, the multiple files downloading process will start. Generating PDF for barcode 1 to 100, Generating PDF for barcode 101 to 200.... and so on, the messages will be displayed. Download each set and Save it on your device.



Newly Added - Avery5160 Label Template

Avery 5160 is the new template style added. If you want to print barcodes for your products using Avery 5160 template, refer to Printing Product Barcodes with Specials PriceBook (last section).