Agiliron QuickBooks Desktop Sync Application - FAQs

Q 1: I have modifications to the QuickBooks Company File and that is not reflected in Agiliron.

A: If the Lists in QuickBooks are changed (e.g. Chart of Accounts, QuickBooks Item Lists etc.), the lists need to be synced again to Agiliron. You can do this from the Last tab ("Sync QuickBooks Lists to Agiliron") in the Agiliron Sync Window application by clicking the "Sync to Agiliron" button.

Q 2: I sync transactions (Sales Orders or Purchase Orders or Sales Returns) to QuickBooks from Agiliron but nothing show up in QuickBooks.

A: There are few common steps to figure out what might be reason for this:

  • Make sure that the "Sync to QuickBooks" has been run in the "Agiliron Sync Application" from the respective tab for Sales Orders, Sales Returns or Purchase Orders.
  • Note: QuickBooks must be in Single-User mode when running the Agiliron Sync Application.
  • Check that you have the QuickBooks Company File that is connected to Agiliron open in QuickBooks.
  • Check that the "DATE" filter on the "Customer/Vendor > Transactions" tab in QuickBooks is set the right date range ("All" will display all the transactions).
  • Make sure you have turned on Sales Taxes in QuickBooks Company File
  • You can find this in "Edit > Preferences > Sales Tax sub-tab > Company Preferences tab"
  • QuickBooks does not allow the colon (:) character in Customer names
  • If either "Account Name" or "Contact Name" or "Vendor Name" fields in the transaction have a ':' in them, please edit and modify them and sync the transaction again.
  • If all of the above have been checked out then it is worth looking at the Sync Log files for the reason that the transactions are failing to transfer to QuickBooks
  • You can find the Log files in **C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Agiliron_QBD**
  • If you have system directories hidden, then you can find this directory by searching for "%appdata%" in the Windows menu search box and then going to "Agiliron_QBD" directory.
  • Inside this directory, you will find logs of the sync organized by sync dates, look for the log files for today's date.
  • If the log file indicates an Invalid Customer or Vendor Reference in the transaction:
  • It may indicate that an entity already exists in QuickBooks with that name.
  • QuickBooks does not allow creation of more than entity (Sales Rep, Customer, Job, Vendor, Employee) with the same name. If the name already exists in one of those entities, it will need to be modified in QuickBooks (make a slight change to the name).
  • After making the modification, Create the customer or vendor with the name coming from Agiliron in QuickBooks first and then sync the transaction from Agiliron again.

When contacting Agiliron support about QuickBooks Sync issues, emailing us these log files will facilitate understanding the problem and our ability to recommend solutions.