Set Up Email Server for the User

Select the "My Account" link in the top left portion of the screen.


Select "My Profile".


Click the "List Mail Server" button.

This takes the user to the form for defining the Email settings and Accounts for use within the system.

Note: The "Email" and "Username" for this user as highlighted in the screen below are the fields used to identify the user to the email recipient when emails are sent out from the system (see Sending Email to Customers for details on that topic). The email recipient will see the email sender as "Username < email address >"


Click on the "New Mail Account" button to create a new Email Account to be used by the system.


The form below demonstrates how to setup a new email account.


  • The "IMAP" protocol-based communication can be setup to receive emails from external email accounts. Please check with your email service provider if they support IMAP communication.
  • If you are using "Google Apps for Business" email accounts, the "User Name" field must specify the complete email address ([email protected]) instead of just the User Name (because Google by default assumes that it is a gmail email address instead of your business email address if you only provide the user name), e.g. [email protected] instead of just test24o2 in the example.