Processing Credit Card Payments for the Sales Order

To Process Credit Card Payments for a Sales Order in Agiliron CRM, you must first set up the Payment Processors.

Please complete the steps outlined in Configuring Payment Processors.

Once the Payment Processor setup is complete, you are ready to Process Credit Card Payments in the Sales Order (for Unpaid Sales Orders) by following the steps below:

  • Go to the "Orders" -> Sales Orders tab
  • Click the "edit" button for the order that you want to Process Credit Card Payments
  • This will bring up the Sales Order in "edit" mode as shown below.


  • Fill in the Credit Card details (in the "Payment Information" panel) in the Sales Order (as shown above) if that has not been done already, please see the list of fields and associated information below (please note that the credit card information is shown masked because this was entered in the sales order previously, click the "Unlock" icon to reveal the unmasked information).
  • Payment Method - select the Credit Card Payment Method from the drop-down list
  • Credit Card Number - Enter the information without any spaces or hyphens (e.g. 243228999)
  • Credit Card Type - Enter the Card type (e.g. Visa or MasterCard or American Express)
  • Credit Card Owner - Person's Name as on the Credit Card
  • Credit Card Expires - Card Expiration Date in the format MMYY (e.g. 0324 for March 2024)
  • Security Code - 3-digit CVV number from the back of the card for Visa/MasterCard, 4-digit CVV number from the front of the card for American Express
  • Billing Address and Billing Code - The Street Address and ZipCode associated with the Credit Card
  • In the "Payment Information" panel, you will also find a "Process" button.
  • Left of the "Process" button, fill in the "Amount" to process (if processing the entire order, enter the total amount of the order as shown in the "Amount Due" field).
  • Click the "Process" button
  • The "Process" button with turn to "Processing"

  • If the transaction was Successful
  • The "Process" button will turn to "Processed"
  • "Authorization Code" will be captured in that field
  • "Payment Received" field will be set to the current date
  • "Paid" status is Set to "on"
  • If the transaction is Unsuccessful
  • The system will pop-up a dialog with the reason for the failure
  • "Save" the Order