Issue or Apply Credits on Account

Credits can be issued to customers for various reasons, but most commonly they are created from sales returns. These credits can then be applied to a purchase on the customer's next visit.

  • Full details on how to create a sales return can be found here, this includes how to issue the credit when creating the return.

Once a credit has been issued to a customer, navigate to Accounts and select the customer's account name.

  • The total credits available to the customer can be found In the Accounting Information section as shown below.

To apply a credit to a customer's order:

  • Create a sales order, either on the POS or in the back office. For the example below, we will demonstrate how to apply for credit in the back office.
  • Instructions for using Apply Credit at the POS can be found here.
  • Enter the customer's account name on the order and select products.
  • In the "Payment Information" section, select "Apply Credits" from the drop-down list.

  • By default, the available credit amount will appear in the Amount box. This value can be edited to apply all or only some of the credit balance as payment.
  • Enter the desired credit amount and the payment received date. The remaining balance due will appear next to the Amount Due line.

  • Click the "Add Payment" button to enter the payment method for the remainder of the order.
  • If selecting check or credit card as the payment method, click the "edit" link to enter check/cc details.

  • Click the "Paid" checkbox in the Status box to indicate the order has been paid.

  • Click "Save" to complete the order.
    • The customer account will display the updated Credit Balance under Accounts.