Filter Based Search

The first panel is the Filter panel. In this panel, the user can search for an entity within this module (here - a product) using one of the search attributes provided. The specific attributes available will change based on the module (Products, Sales Orders, etc. ) and the attributes will be closely aligned to the needs of that module.

The example below shows filtering for a product by product code.

  • Click the gray drop-down icon next to a column heading.
  • Select a filtering option (contains, starts with, etc.).
  • Enter the search text.
  • Search can be completed for more than one item, i.e. Altec and Speaker, etc.
  • Click "Filter" to search.

  • The search results will then appear.
  • The filter is saved until cleared using the funnel icon.
  • Before clearing the filter, a warning will appear as shown below.
  • Click on the "down arrow" next to a column for additional search attributes.