Creating Store Accounts for B2B Customers

There are two approaches supported within the Agiliron system for B2B Customer account creation on the B2B WebStore

  • The B2B customer visits the B2B WebStore and creates a user account
  • Passphrase and Reseller and Tax IDs are used to control access
  • See Section Settings Differences from B2C WebStore for details.
  • The B2B customer accounts are automatically created from the Agiliron CRM
  • The customer is provided an unique URL by email which takes them to a page where they enter a password
  • On the "Contact" module form for the customer, check the "B2B Customer" checkbox and select the B2B Sales Channel that this contact is being authorized with an user account.
  • This creates an user account in the selected B2B WebStore with all the necessary information being propagated from the Agiliron CRM Account and Contact information.
  • The minimum information that must exist are:
  • Account - Company Name, Email, Phone, Company Address for Billing & Shipping , Tax id (optional), Reseller id (optional)
  • Contact - First & Last Name, Account Name (selected to Company Account), Phone, Email, Fax (optional)
  • An email can then be sent to the customer with a unique URL for them to create a password and then access the WebStore.