Barcode Label Design Editor

The Barcode Label Design Editor allows for flexibility in designing barcode labels that work for your business.

  • To begin, navigate to Settings > Barcode Label Templates.

  • Select "New Template" to create a new barcode template.

  • The following screen is displayed. Each design option is explained further below.

  • Note that the canvas for the barcode designer is shown 2x larger than the selected label size for ease of design and editing. When the label is exported to the printer, it will be shown at the actual label size.
  • The Size selection allows for changing the size of the Label to be printed. Changing the size here will change the size of the canvas.
  • Add Text - enter the custom text that will display on the label. Click the plus sign to add the text to the label.
  • Add Fields - select field markers from the list to add the field to the label.
  • Options :
  • Delete - delete a field that has been added to the label.
  • Send to Back - send the selected field to the back of the design.
  • Send to Front - bring the selected field to the front of the design.
  • Clone - copy a field.
  • Unselect - unselect a field.
  • Image Scale - set the image dimensions (if an image is uploaded and added to the label).
  • Export to Image - Export the barcode label as an image file.
  • Save Template - save the current template for later use (saves under Settings > Barcode Label Templates).
  • Reset Canvas - clears the label canvas.

  • Grid Column Size - increases the grid column size in the canvas.
  • Grid Snap - snap fields to grid (or no snapping).
  • Upload Image - upload an image to add to the label.
  • Add Figure - adds a graphic element to the label.
  • Canvas - change the background color or add a URL to an image in the label.
  • Custom - once a field is added to the label, select it and additional custom formatting options will appear here.

  • Additional formatting options are shown below in the Custom section when a field is selected.

  • Once the label is complete, save the template for later use.

  • Enter a template name in the pop-up box and click "Save". Another pop-up will appear indicating the template has been saved, select "OK".

  • The template will now display in the template list for later use.
  • The template can be edited by selecting the edit button. In addition, the template can be deleted or duplicated.