Sales Order - Recurring Orders

Set up Recurring Transaction Parameters for Sales Orders

Instead of manually going and creating sales orders on a regular basis, just create one sales order, mark it as recurring, specify the frequency, and get automated sales orders generated at regular intervals, as per the schedule you set. This could save a lot of time by avoiding the repetition of work.

The below guide explains the process to perform recurring transactions.

To create a recurring sales order:

  • On the left menu panel, go to Orders -> Sales Orders and select the sales order from the Sales Order List which you want to change into a recurring sales order (either click on the order number or subject).
  • If creating a new sales order - Go to New and click on the New Sales Order from the drop-down list.

  • If it's an existing sales order, click on Edit.

  • Sales Order will open in edit mode. Scroll down to the Setup Recurring Transaction Parameters section.
  • For a new sales order, fill in all the necessary information and scroll down to the Setup Recurring Transaction Parameters section.

  • First, you need to tick the Recurring checkbox.

  • There is a Repeat Every field that determines the gap between the one sales order processed and the next. Enter a value.
    For example - If you enter 2 for Daily, it means to repeat every 2 days. 2 for Weekly, it means to repeat every 2 weeks.

  • Set the frequency as per your requirement. You can create a recurring sales order on either a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Let's understand how to set the frequency:


If you select Daily, the sales order will be generated on a daily basis.


When you pick Weekly, the 'Repeat On' option will appear. Select the day/days of the week. The same sales order will be repeated every week on the day/days you've selected.

In the below example, we've selected Thursday.


In the Monthly option, enter the date in the Day of the Month text field on which the sales order needs to be repeated. Enter any valid date from 1st to 30th. Every month on that particular date, the Sales Order will be automatically generated.

Here, as an example, we've entered date - 3. So on the 3rd of every month, the Sales Order will be created.


If you select Yearly, the Sales Order will be repeated once a year, exactly on the same date when you are creating.

For example, if you create a Sales Order on 12th April 2023 then exactly after one year, that is, 12th April 2024, the Sales Order will be repeated.

  • Next comes, Ends.
  • Either select On which date or After how many occurrences you want to end the recurring process.

Let's understand the Ends field's each parameter:


Selecting the Never checkbox means, the recurring process will continue till the time you want, or basically, it will never end till you stop.


Pick any date from the calendar and On that particular date, the recurring sales order process will end.

For example, if you select 8th April 2022 then on that date (whether you repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly), the recurring process will come to an end.


In After, enter 'after' how many occurrences you want to end the recurring transaction.

For example, if you enter 12 occurrences and have selected Monthly and Day of Month - 3, then the sales order will be generated for 12 months on every 3rd day of the month. This option is best for invoicing.

  • Finally, when the recurring transaction parameters are set, click on Save.

  • Scroll down on the Sales Order Information to view the recurring transaction parameters that are set.

  • You can also Turn On or Off the Recurring Sales Order by clicking on the Recurring _checkbox. If the checkbox is deselected, the Recurring is _turned off.