Customer Credit Management

For each Customer Account, there are two fields that can be specified by editing the Account form:

  • Credit Limit
  • If you extend credit to a customer account, then specify their "Credit Limit" .
  • Credit Limit Expires
  • Allows specification of an expiry date for the credit after which credit will not be extended.

When you see the detailed view of an Account (by clicking on the Account Name under "Accounts"), one additional field is automatically generated:

  • Credit Available
  • Not available for editing, automatically populated based on credit limit and receivables.
  • As the customer places sales orders the "Credit Available" field automatically shows the remaining credit available to the customer based on receivables (orders pending full or partial payments). As the payments are received and orders are marked as paid (full or partial) in the system, the "Credit Available" field will reflect the change.

Sales Orders created in the Agiliron system checks for credit availability (at "Sales Order Create/Edit > Save" ).

  • Optionally, the system can also be configured to perform the credit check during Shipping (at "Shipping > Edit > Save" OR "Shipping > Mark Orders Shipped..." ). If the "Credit Limit" field is set, the system warns if the limit has been exceeded - the user can choose to override this credit warning and move ahead with the order or shipping.

Note: There is no automatic support currently in any of the webstore channels to enforce this. However, the Developers API can be used to access this information from a remote channel as necessary.