Bulk Bin Transfer

A new function has been added through which Bulk Bin Transfers can be done. A Bin may contain multiple products and with this option, products can be easily transferred from one bin to another.

  • To begin with Bulk bin transfer, you first need to Go to Products List View.
  • Here, you can either select multiple products before selecting the Bulk Bin Transfer option or you can directly proceed without selecting any products.

  • Let's move ahead without selecting the products and clicking on Bulk Bin Transfer from the 3 dot dropdown menu.

  • In Transfer Information, you need to select the Product, Location, From Bin Location, To Bin Location and enter Quantity. You can add more products by clicking on Add Product button.
  • Once all information is filled in, click on Transfer.

Now if we check for example, Altec Speakers' - Stock Location -> Bin Location

Bin Location D32 has quantity 6 while Bin Location D123 has quantity is 3. And as mentioned, the quantity to be transferred from D32 to D123 is 2.

After clicking on Transfer button when you will recheck the Bin Location, the Quantity in Bin Location D32 should be 4 (qty 2 transferred from) and in D123 should be 5 (qty 2 transferred to).

Similarly, the transfer takes place with other added products too.