Change Password

To change the user password, select the "Change Password" button in the User Administration page.

This can also be found under Settings > Users, then select the admin user name to be changed.


This will bring up the following screen with a request for the user to enter the New Password.

The password must be

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Include one Number
  • Include one Character in CAPS
  • Include at least one Special Character (e.g. %, $, #)
  • The New Password cannot be the same as your last 5 passwords, otherwise it will not be accepted.

Also, please note that more than 5 incorrect password logins will set the user account "Status" to "Inactive" - a user with "Administrator" privileges will need to reset the user account "Status" to "Active".

As the user begins typing the password in the text fields, the system provides real-time hints to the right regards the password criteria that needs to be fulfilled before the password is accepted.