Pushing Products to Amazon FBA

Please Note: The Amazon ASIN's must be entered for all Amazon products before sending to FBA.

Products that are fulfilled by the FBA Warehouse:

  • First, verify that the products contain ASIN's under Products > Products.
  • Note: You can create a custom view and include ASIN as a column to quickly sort through products that do not contain this information, or export all products and review blanks in the ASIN column of the spreadsheet.
  • If the product is not in FBA yet (no FNSKU):
  • Push products that will be fulfilled by Amazon to the FBA Warehouse (see Pushing Products to Amazon Marketplace) to Amazon Channel.
  • Then Upload the Product to FBA (see details below).
  • If the product is already in the FBA warehouse:
  • Enter the FNSKU in Agiliron (Products > Products, edit Product).
  • Do NOT push the product to the Amazaon channel.
  • No Upload to FBA needed.

To send product information to the FBA Warehouse, navigate to Products > Products.

  • Select the checkbox next to the product(s) that will be pushed to FBA.
  • Click the "More Options" icon and select the "Upload to FBA" button.
  • A status box will appear to show the progress of the sync.
  • Once the products have been synched, the FNSKU will import back into Agiliron for the products.