- Text Customization Options

This option allows customers to enter personalization text onto a product. For example, a seller who wants to allow customers to engrave their name onto a glass would use this option.

  1. Verify that the custom text field does not exist before adding a new custom field:
  • Navigate to Settings > Custom Field Settings > Product Custom Fields
  1. If the field currently exists, move to step 4. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

  2. If the custom text field does not exist, click "New Custom Field" and select "Text" as the field type.

  • Enter the "Label" name and the "Length" of the text field and click save. For example, if a customer should enter their name as a text field, you could use "Name" as the label.

  1. Now select the "New Product" link on the toolbar and create a new product.
  • Enter the name for the field, for example, if the customer needs to enter a name, name the item "Enter".
  • The product code can be "ENTER-NAME" this identifies the step in the product list so you can easily select this option for your items.
  • Select "Unassigned" for the category (you will need to set this up if it does not currently exist).
  • Select the "Service" checkbox (this ensures the item will not be treated as inventory).
  • Click Save.

  1. The custom product has been created, but now you need to edit the custom fields in which the customer will enter text.
  • Click Edit.

  • Scroll down to the "Custom Information" section and click "Manage Custom Fields".
  • Select the fields on the right-hand side that you do NOT want to appear on the page. (CTRL + Left Mouse click to select multiple fields) For example, leave the field titled "Name" in the list on the right-hand side of the box so the customer can enter a name into this field.
  • Click the "<<" arrow button to remove unwanted fields.

The box containing "Include these Custom Fields" should now only contain fields that will be edited by the customer.


  • Click Save.
  1. Click "Save" again at either the top or bottom of the screen.

This field is now ready for use.