Setting Up Custom WebStore Pages

You can create up to 20 custom pages on the WebStore from the Agiliron system by going to the "Custom Pages" tab for that channel.

For each page definition, click on the "page1" etc. tabs, then Enter the information in the provided fields to construct the page

  • Page URL - Displays the URL for the custom page, click on it to be taken to it
  • Page URL Name - an identifier for the page, adds a suffix to the Page URL above, the URL will change on the next "Save"
  • Page Title - Provide the Headline for the page, it will be displayed with the same look and feel as the titles on other pages on the WebStore
  • Page HTML - Provide the HTML copy for the copy using the HTML Editor provided
  • Page SEO Title, Description, Keywords - Provide the SEO Meta-Tags for the page