Purchase Order Process

In This Chapter - Create Purchase Orders, Import Purchase Orders, Manage Product Receiving, and Track Vendor Payables.

The general Purchase Order Workflow is outlined below. This process may differ based on your specific company needs. The key ideas to remember are that both products and vendors must first be setup in the Agiliron system before a Purchase Order can be created.

  • Create Vendor - If the vendor does not already exist, create the vendor in Agiliron. Instructions for creating a vendor can be found here.
  • Create Product - If the product hasn't been set up, create the product, instructions here.
  • If the product doesn't exist, or it has been created but not assigned to a vendor, you will need to assign the product to a vendor before adding it to a purchase order. Instructions here.
  • Create Purchase Order - the purchase order can be printed or emailed once created. Instructions here.
  • Receive Purchase Order - the order can be fully or partially received. Instructions here.
  • Sync to QuickBooks - if using QuickBooks, the purchase order can be synced to QuickBooks during any stage in the process. However, most users choose to sync orders after the order is received. Instructions here.