POS Offline Transactions

In the event an internet connection is not available at the location in which you are working, the POS has the capability to function in offline mode (if the setting is turned on under the Configuration tab in the sales channel). By default, this feature is "off" in the POS settings.

The POS can also automatically detect whether or not an internet connection is available. This feature will allow the POS to go online/offline automatically saving sales orders until the connection is available.

In both scenarios, all of the sales information is captured in the web browser and stored until you are ready to sync the information to the back office. If the orders contained credit card payments, the payments can be processed at the time of syncing as well.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Channels.

  • Click "Edit" next to the POS channel.
  • Select the Configuration tab, and select the "Sales Associate Controls" Tab.
  • Scroll down and select "Yes" next to "Allow Offline Mode".
  • To automatically detect when the POS is offline, you can also select "Yes" next to "Allow Auto-Detect Online-Offline".
  • Once the feature is enabled, two icons will appear at the top of the POS screen (log out/in or refresh the screen to update).
  • The "online" icon will show as gray when the POS is online.
  • It will display red when the POS is offline. This button can also be selected to take the POS offline manually.
  • To sync orders to the back office that have been captured offline, select the "Sync to Server" icon. This icon will display in red when there are orders that have been captured offline and are available for syncing.
  • Note - orders can only be synced to the back office when the POS is back online.
  • Once the Sync to Server button is selected, a pop-up window will appear as shown below.
  • If an order contains a credit card payment, a "Process" button will appear in the "Process Card" column next to the order. Clicking this button will process the credit card payment.
  • The button will turn green to indicate the payment processed successfully.
  • If the button turns red, indicating the transaction was unsuccessful, you will need to contact the customer to obtain new credit card info.
  • When a processing error occurs, go ahead and sync the order to the back-office (the payment cannot be accepted at the POS at this point).
  • Navigate to Orders > Sales Orders in the back office and view the order. The credit card processing error will display in the Description field on the sales order.
  • Obtain the correct credit card information, then edit the order and process payment. Be sure to mark the order as "Paid" and save the order.
  • Select the checkbox next to the orders you wish to sync and click the "Sync to Back-Office" button to finish.
  • If needed, click on the CSV Export button to generate a CSV file with the content for the Orders pending Sync to BackOffice.

With CSV Export, you can keep a backup of all these orders and also if required can import these orders into the back-end.


Note - CSV export is only for offline sales orders. Sales returns will not come up in the CSV file. Also, only the sales orders which are selected(checked) in the sync box will be listed.



  • In the event you are logged out of the POS, the orders are saved in the browser even when you log back in. The "Sync to Server" icon should appear in red as shown below, click to sync the pending sales orders.
  • If the web browser is accidentally closed, simply re-open the browser and log in to the POS. The "Sync to Server" icon should appear in red as shown below, click to sync the pending sales orders.