Quantity in Stock Capture Over Time

Agiliron has come up with a feature to capture quantity in stock over time which tells you what was the inventory at a particular time every day (for example - end of the day).

This feature when turned on will record the quantity in stock in the new database table for all products and locations.

The stock record basically captures - Product Code, Stock Location, Qty in Stock, DateTime.

Stock Record Times Of Day

  • Go to Settings -> System Management -> Manage System Control Parameters (INT).

  • You can see Management System Control. Scroll down to Stock Record Times Of Day. Here you can set time options.

For example, if you want to capture quantity in stock say two or three times in a day, mention the timings. Like if you set it to 02, 18 - The stock will be recorded, every day at 02:00 and 18:00 hours.


  1. By default the Stock Record Times Of Day value is set to 2
  2. You can specify multiple times separated by comma (example 2,6,18...)
  3. The system supports a 24-hours time format

Click on Save, once you've entered the stock record times.


Stock Record Delete After Days

If you want to clear the stock records after a particular number of days to avoid overloading of the database or any reason, there is an option called - Stock Record Delete After Days. Here you can mention the number of days after which the stock record needs to be deleted.

Note - By default the Stock Record Delete After Days is set to 90 days. However, you can change as per your need.

Click on Save, once done.