Quantity in Stock Capture Over Time

Agiliron includes a feature to capture quantity in stock over time which tells you what was the inventory at a particular time every day (for example - end of the day).

This feature when turned on will record the quantity in stock in the new database table for all products and locations - System will auto capture a snapshot of the inventory for all active products in the system at designated times of the day At customizable times of the day and/or frequency (e.g. at specified hours or end of day). This data will maintained for a customizable sliding window of time (e.g. 90 days).

There will be an additional cost / month for this feature to cover the storage costs
The actual cost will be based on the storage requirements for your business (number of products, number of stock locations, frequency of data capture and how long the data is maintained).

Please contact [email protected] to enable this feature. Due to the database costs of maintaining the data, we will provide an estimate of cost / month based on the following parameters that you choose:

  • Number of Products

  • Number of Stock Locations (to be recorded)

  • Frequency of Capture

  • How long to Retain

The stock record captures - Product Code, Stock Location, Qty in Stock, DateTime.