Receiving Orders from the Order Desk

  • As customers complete their checkout on the Order Desk, all orders and transactions completed are automatically posted to the AGILIRON system under the "Orders" tab.
  • Select the specific order to see the details of the order as shown below, you will find the "Channel" field set to the "Order Desk" name, "Channel Order ID" field set to the order ID in the Order Desk.
  • The Account ( "Account Name" field) & Contact ( "Contact Name" field) associated with the Order are created automatically in the CRM as part of this process. If the user creates an user account on the WebStore, the Account & Contact are created immediately in the CRM and the customer information captured (with or without an order being completed). If the user completes the checkout without creating an account in the webstore then the customer information is captured in the CRM only when the order is completed.
  • When the first time orders are received, Agiliron only brings in orders from that date/time (so any previous orders received before Agiliron setup are not imported into Agiliron).
  • If any Discount Coupons are used by the customer during checkout, the coupon information is captured with the order in Agiliron.
  • Note: Orders can be delayed by up to 5 minutes before they are received in Agiliron from the Order Desk.