Editions and Capabilities

Agiliron offers Three different Service Editions to match the needs of a diverse set of businesses - Premier, Enterprise and Global Enterprise.

See Section Service Editions for the details of the various editions of the Agiliron system and their business focus.

For complete list of up-to-date features by editions, please visit Editions and Pricing.

The application provides feedback on the edition that is necessary to access a capability not available in the currently user selected edition if you try to access a feature that is not supported in the selected edition.

The methodology followed is not to remove the elements from the user interface (the user interface looks the same in all editions) but to provide feedback to the user as to which edition is necessary to access a capability when they try to exercise it (e.g. Professional Edition offers only one channel by default; when the user clicks on "Settings > Channels > New Channel" button after having already created one channel, a dialog will come up that says the allotted number of channels have been used) and the process to upgrade your edition.

Additionally for capabilities that are not available, a "?" will display next to the capability, if the user moves the mouse over it or clicks on it, feedback on which edition is necessary is provided.