Receiving Orders from the Amazon Marketplace

As customers complete their checkout on the Amazon Marketplace, all orders and transactions completed are automatically posted to the Agiliron system under the "Orders" tab. You will also see Amazon Pending Orders in the List.

  • Pending Orders pulled will initially be missing some information (e.g. Customer info) because it is not available from Amazon yet. As they become available, the order will automatically update to add the new information. This reduces the inventory sync window for high transaction volume businesses so as to keep the inventory numbers updated as soon as orders are created.
  • You will also see "Amazon Pending Account" for the account name on the pending orders. These orders will come in under this customer Account until all information is received from Amazon. These orders may have an Unpaid status and will change to Paid once updates come in from Amazon.

Select the specific order to see the details of the order as shown below.

  • You will find the "Channel" field set to the "Amazon Marketplace" name, "Channel Order ID" field set to the order ID in the Amazon Marketplace.
  • The Account ( "Account Name" field) & Contact ("Contact Name" field) associated with the Order are created automatically in the CRM as part of this process when the order is completed.
  • If a Product line item in the order is not found in the Agiliron system (same Product Code), a "Generic Product" (placeholder) is created automatically and the product line item information from Amazon is captured in the "Notes" field for that line item. This allows use of the Agiliron system for Order Management if you are already selling on Amazon Marketplace and have not setup all your current listings products on Agiliron.
  • Amazon Gift Wrap messages are captured as a line item on Amazon Orders and the gift wrap message can be found in the line item notes.
  • When the Amazon Marketplace channel is created on Agiliron, the first time orders are received, Agiliron only brings in orders from that date/time (so any previous orders received prior to Agiliron setup are not imported into Agiliron).

Canceled Orders

  • When a customer cancels an order in Amazon, the order in Agiliron will be marked as "Canceled" and inventory adjusted for that product (assuming the order hasn't been marked shipped in Agiliron).

Sales Returns

  • When a customer returns an order to Amazon, a sales return also has to be created in Agiliron. Instructions for creating returns from a sales order can be found here.