Supplier Connections

Supplier Connections is a module for connecting Agiliron and various suppliers via API. This helps in streamlining the order flow process as well as in return tracking and shipping information.

To Add Supplier Connections

  • On dashboard, go to Settings -> Configurations -> Supplier Connections.

  • Supplier Connections page will open.
  • Click on Add Supplier Connection button.

  • A new form page will appear where you need to fill in the configuration information and enter API credentials in order to send orders to that particular supplier and also to receive the order status.
  • Make sure you enter information in all the mandatory fields.
  • Click on Save, once all the necessary fields are filled.

Note - While saving any supplier in the supplier configuration, the following information gets stored:

1. Supplier Name - The name of the supplier
2. Vendor - Vendor which relates to the supplier
3. API Parameter1 - API credentials (username)
4. API Parameter2 - API credentials (password)
5. API Parameter3 - Optional parameter
6. Test Connection URL - The URL here will have a code that will check whether the passed API Parameters are valid or not
7. Submit Purchase Order URL - The URL will have a code to create an order by using the class files created in the module. This will be the end point
8. Pull Order Shipment Tracking Information URL - The URL will have a code to get the shipment information and update the Agiliron order using the class files.


  • After filling in all the configuration information, click on the button Test Connection to check if the API credentials added are valid or not.

If the credentials are valid, a pop-up message will appear saying, 'Test Connection Successful'.


If the credentials are invalid, a pop-up message will appear saying, 'Test Connection Failed'.

Make sure you pass the right credentials.


Sending Purchase Order to the Supplier

First of all, for sending the purchase order, the order needs to be associated with the vendor that you have configured.

  • To send any purchase order to a particular supplier, go to Purchase Orders and open the relevant purchase order.
  • Unlike other purchase orders, the one that is associated with the vendor will have 2 buttons that are marked in red below.
  • By clicking on the Transmit to (Supplier name) button, the purchase order will be sent to the associated supplier.

The order will be created/accepted only if the sent order has the matching products/line items available at the supplier's end or else it will throw an error. While validating it checks the vendor part number.

Order Accepted Message


Duplicate Order Message


  • You can also check the status of the order by clicking on the Check Status button.

Status Updated


Status Error