Time Tracking

The Time Tracking report is used to view hours recorded over a specific time period.

The Time Tracking report can also be created in the back-office in the Reports module. Please see this section for more information on creating custom reports (select the "Time Tracking" table in order to create the report).

  1. Click Time Tracking. The following pop-up window is displayed.
  1. To view time recorded, enter the Start Date and End Date for the time period in question and click Apply Filter.

3.The Time Tracking report displays the following:

  • The username of the person(s) who have clocked in/out
  • The store in which the user(s) clocked in/out
  • Clock In Time
  • Clock in IP Address
  • Clock In register/lane number
  • Clock In notes recorded at the time of clocking in
  • Clock Out time
  • Clock Out IP Address
  • Clock Out register/lane number
  • Clock Out notes recorded at the time of clocking out
  • Total time recorded for each clock in/out
  • The Grand Total for all hours worked is displayed at the bottom of the screen

4.The report can be also printed or emailed by clicking the Print or Email buttons.


The printed/emailed report is shown below.