Auto Generation of POs from Reorder Levels & Preferred Stock Level

The "Auto Create PO at Reorder Level" checkbox allows the system to automatically generate Purchase Orders for Vendors based on the reorder levels.

  • Once the reorder level is met, a purchase order is automatically generated for the item(s).
  • If several products related to the same vendor reach their reorder levels at the same time, a consolidated PO will be created for those items.
  • The Purchase Orders can be viewed under Orders > Purchase Orders.

Preferred Stock Level Approach

The Agiliron system also supports the ability to auto-generate POs based on a Preferred Stock Level.

The Preferred Stock Level is a stock quantity that you wish to maintain at all times. A PO will be auto-generated each time an order is needed to meet this stock requirement.

  • This feature is not on by default, please contact [email protected] if you would like to switch to the Preferred Stock Level approach. Please note that only one auto-generate PO method can be used, either the static Preferred Order Quantity from above or the Preferred Stock Level.

To begin:

  • Navigate to Products > Products.
  • Select the product name, click on the Stock Locations tab. For Matrix Items, select the "Matrix Items" tab.
  • Click "Edit" next to the stock location you wish to edit.

  • Enter the Preferred Stock Level in the field as shown below and click "Save".

  • The Preferred Stock Level will now appear as shown below.