Activity Notifications

Activity Notifications are enabled for the activity by the "Send Notification" checkbox being checked.

The notifications are sent to the following upon "Save" of the Activity:

  • "Assigned To" - "User/Team"
  • One/more "Contacts" assigned to the Activity
  • One/more "Users" assigned to the Activity

The content of the email notification will include the standard .ics format file attachment (allowing the recipient to add the activity to their calendar in other calendaring tools) that captures the content of the Activity ( "Users" will only get the email without the .ics Calendar attachment since the activity is visible in their calendar in Agiliron).

When additional Contacts/Users are added (and "Send Notification" is enabled) to the activity, notification will be sent automatically to them.

Activity Reminders are enabled by "Send Reminder" checkbox being checked.

This notification is sent to the "Assigned To" "User" (not available for "Team" ) of the activity at the time before the event specified for that activity. The email notification content will include the Activity Subject, Description and Time.