Exporting Reports

To export Reports, follow the steps as outlined below.

This allows export into two formats:

  • CSV - Comma Separated Values file, column based format that is the most portable to interface to other applications, can also be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet applications.
  • PDF - For printing, all Reports are generated in "Landscape" mode to accommodate for more columns of data.
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  • When fields with HTML content are exported out to CSV format, they are exported in an encoded form to preserve the correct formatting of the content. This also facilitates the import of this file into Agiliron with no data loss for HTML fields.
  • The encoded HTML content in the CSV can be decoded using APIs in languages like PHP or sites like HTML entities.
  • For readability or importability of the HTML content into other tools, the recommended approach is a Copy-and-Paste of the table from the Report page in Agiliron to Excel or other application OR usage of the PDF export capability.