Agiliron Adapter Software for BigCommerce Remote Store

Agiliron integrates with the BigCommerce Remote Store through software that we refer to as an Adapter for BigCommerce. This software module is defined in the "Settings > Channels > edit Channel > BigCommerce Adapter" field for the BigCommerce Remote Store channel.

By default this field is automatically populated when you create this channel and the Adapter software module is hosted by Agiliron, it works out of the box and there is no additional action needed.

However, the Adapter can be also be hosted anywhere on the internet including your BigCommerce Remote Store hosting provider. One reason for doing this might be that there have been modifications/customizations made to the BigCommerce Remote Store and the Adapter needs to be modified to support these changes made to your store allowing for flexibility/support for customization done at the BigCommerce Remote Store.

If the Adapter software module needs to be modified for yourBigCommerce Remote Store, you can specify the URL to the modified Adapter PHP file hosted elsewhere in the "BigCommerce Adapter" field. The Adapter software is available under an open-source license (one PHP file - bigcommerce_server.php) and is available upon request (please email us at [email protected]).